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White Fillings

Tooth decay is one of the leading dental concerns in the UK, which makes it incredibly common. If a cavity does occur, our team of Ripon experts are on-hand to help restore your tooth discreetly and effectively.

The lasting way to
treat holes and fillings

Cavities are often caused by tooth decay, which can be a result of poor oral care, poor diet and lack of dental check-ups. Our experts help advise on caring for your smile through relevant products, techniques and lifestyle advice, and focus on preventative care – which means they can often spot signs in the mouth before they become a problem.

If you do develop cavities, we can step in and help with our white fillings. Strong, durable and effective, they suite in with your other teeth so others are unlikely to tell you’ve had treatment. At our practice, you can expect:

  • A friendly, caring team with years of experience
  • The latest modern facilities in an ideal location
  • Dental health advice, demonstrations and check-ups
  • Denplan membership, to make oral care easier
  • Experts in preventative care

Frequently Asked Questions
about White Fillings

They’re crafted from a resin that can be colour-matched to your tooth.

They’re much less noticeable, and many argue they’re more durable than their amalgam counterparts. The procedure is extremely quick to carry out and can be done in a single session at our Ripon dental practice.

Aside from their white colour, they adhere particularly well to teeth, bonding to the surface. They can also restore the shape and appearance of the tooth in general.

No; a local anaesthetic or numbing agent can be used to keep the procedure as pain-free and comfortable as possible.

With the right oral care and providing you have regular dental check-ups, you could expect your white fillings to last a number of years. Regular check-ups can also identify if, and when, they need replacing.

Boroughbridge Dental Practice | Dental Practice Ripon | Dentist North Yorkshire
Boroughbridge Dental Practice | Dental Practice Ripon | Dentist North Yorkshire

Your Patient Journey

For more than 30 years, we’ve served generations of the same families here in Boroughbridge and Ripon. Known for our friendly approach, experienced team and commitment to quality, here’s what you can expect from your treatment.


1. Consultation

Our Ripon dentists will first assess your suitability for white fillings. We can answer any questions and concerns during your consultation, too.

2. Treatment

A resin-based putty is applied to the tooth, shaped, and then set with a UV light. This makes it discreet and ensures it fits the tooth properly.

3. Aftercare

White fillings may be sensitive after being placed, so over-the-counter pain relief may be recommended. While you may need to avoid especially hard foods (e.g. boiled sweets), you should be able to eat your normal diet within a few hours of your appointment.

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Delighted With The Results!

“We are so glad we found this dentist. Richard Hajjawi is so lovely and my filling was quick and completely pain-free. He was so lovely with our little boy on his first dentist trip as well. Can’t recommend them enough!”

Katie Kunz - Boroughbridge Boroughbridge Dental Practice | Dental Practice Ripon | Dentist North Yorkshire
Boroughbridge Dental Practice | Dental Practice Ripon | Dentist North Yorkshire

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