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Children’s Dentistry

From toddlers to teenagers, our team of Ripon dental experts hope to encourage all children on the importance of maintaining a healthy smile for life, guiding them on oral care and ensuring they have regular check-ups.

The easy way to
care for tiny teeth

Children aren’t always aware of how important oral health is. With poor dental care, problems such as decay, infection, damage and even missing teeth can all occur – and in some cases, gum disease can lead to other health concerns.

That’s why we aim to establish good oral care habits early and encourage parents to bring their children to our Ripon practice early in life, so they can familiarise themselves with our staff and the treatment process. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • A friendly, caring team with years of experience
  • The latest modern facilities in an ideal location
  • Dental health advice, demonstrations and treatments
  • Keen to get to know your child and any concerns
  • Varnishes and sealants available to protect teeth

Frequently Asked Questions
about our Children’s Dentistry

Poor oral health can lead to serious health concerns. Gum disease (periodontitis), for example, has been linked to conditions such as respiratory disease, rheumatoid arthritis and coronary artery disease.

We usually recommend children attend a check-up twice a year. However, those with poor oral care may need more visits.

We’re well-known in Boroughbridge for our family-friendly team and our warm, welcoming chairside manner. We’ll always put your child first and try to make their time fun and exciting, so they can feel comfortable and confident about their smile.

Children often learn by example, so even little ones who are reluctant to brush their teeth may be more interested in doing so if they see you doing it. Picking out a new toothbrush, putting music on while they brush and rewarding them with stickers and words of encouragement can all go a long way in helping them learn to care for their teeth. Finally, keep sugar in their diet to a minimum – it’s the leading cause of tooth decay – and ensure they attend regular check-ups.

Yes, lots! A few include:

  • Brush their teeth and tongue, and floss around the gums
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to avoid damaging enamel
  • Always clean with circular movements, again to avoid damage
  • Change their toothbrush around every 3-4 months
  • Ensure they spit out toothpaste, to prevent white spots on the teeth
Boroughbridge Dental Practice | Dental Practice Ripon | Dentist North Yorkshire
Boroughbridge Dental Practice | Dental Practice Ripon | Dentist North Yorkshire

Your Patient Journey

For more than 30 years, we’ve served generations of the same families here in Boroughbridge and Ripon. Known for our friendly approach, experienced team and commitment to quality, here’s what you can expect from your treatment.


1. Consultation

We know how important it is for children to feel safe, secure and happy at the dentists. We’ll start their care with a consultation, where they can become familiar and confident with the practice and team.

2. Treatment

We’ll discuss any treatment recommendations with you, and your child if possible. We’ll never suggest a procedure that isn’t needed and will try to answer any questions you have and demonstrate the process, if possible.

3. Aftercare

We’ll give advice on how to care for your child after their treatment. We also encourage our patients to phone or email us if they have any dental concerns.

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Delighted With The Results!

“I take my two sons here (age 8 and 6.) They feel happy and comfortable to have their teeth looked at, I would even say they look forward to going! The dentist is professional and funny, and the staff are friendly. I would definitely recommend making an appointment here.”

Samantha Ogle - Boroughbridge Boroughbridge Dental Practice | Dental Practice Ripon | Dentist North Yorkshire
Boroughbridge Dental Practice | Dental Practice Ripon | Dentist North Yorkshire

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