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Dental Emergencies in North Yorkshire

Accidents, illness and injuries can affect our mouth, teeth and gums. Thankfully, in these situations, our Ripon experts are open to everyone local to North Yorkshire and are on hand to help with your dental emergency, helping get you back on track.

The peace of
mind you need

Despite our best efforts to avoid them, dental emergencies can and do happen. If and when they occur, our team are on hand to help, providing you with a diagnosis, prescribing pain relief and offering treatments.

While some emergencies can be treated on the day, others need follow-up appointments and it’s also possible a referral may be needed to get you the right treatment. Whatever the case, our dentists will help get you seen to as soon as possible. We can help with:

  • Infections and abscesses
  • Knocked-out and broken teeth
  • Pain, bleeding and swelling
  • Advice and information
  • Referrals and follow-ups

Frequently Asked Questions
about Emergencies

Our Ripon dental practice is able to help in many emergency situations, and reserve appointments each day for just that reason. We act quickly yet carefully and support you even when you leave the practice. Our team is highly experienced in all kinds of situations and our modern facilities can help with a number of emergency treatments.

We detail our costings on our price page.

If you need specialist medical care, our dental team will refer you. In cases of extreme swelling and bleeding, or severe facial trauma, it might be that you need to be seen by your hospital’s accident and emergency department.

You can get in touch with our practice, call 111, or if you think it’s a medical emergency, call 999.

Some emergency dental treatment aims to keep you comfortable and ‘stable’, in order to perform follow-up procedures. For instance, if you break a tooth, we can fit a temporary crown during your appointment, and then book you in for a permanent one to be fitted at a later date.

Boroughbridge Dental Practice | Dental Practice Ripon | Dentist North Yorkshire
Boroughbridge Dental Practice | Dental Practice Ripon | Dentist North Yorkshire

Your Patient Journey

For more than 30 years, we’ve served generations of the same families here in Boroughbridge and Ripon. Known for our friendly approach, experienced team and commitment to quality, here’s what you can expect from your treatment.


1. Diagnosis

We’ll first book you in for an emergency appointment, where we can assess your situation and determine what treatment you may need.

2. Treatment

Next, we’ll do all we can to help. This could range from providing advice and information to stabilising bleeding and swelling to extracting a tooth.

3. Aftercare

Whether you require aftercare, a referral, or a follow-up, we’ll talk you through your options and ensure you’re happy, comfortable and confident.

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Delighted With The Results!

“Richard Hajjawi was my dentist the other day for an extraction. I can not fault the service from start to finish. Everyone was polite and made me feel very welcome he was super friendly and even had a great sense of humour which made being at the dentist way less scary. Thank you so much for all your help highly recommended.”

Lea Colbourne - Boroughbridge Boroughbridge Dental Practice | Dental Practice Ripon | Dentist North Yorkshire
Boroughbridge Dental Practice | Dental Practice Ripon | Dentist North Yorkshire

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