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What Is Invisalign?

If you’re considering investing in invisible braces treatment for a straighter smile, look no further. Our established dental practice near Ripon is perfect for children, teens and adults who want a more uniform smile – and Invisalign is the perfect treatment. If you’re interested, book a consultation with us via our contact page.

Straight teeth you’ll love

Invisalign is a kind of brace, but not as you’d picture. Instead of wires, brackets, elastics and headgear, Invisalign simply involves a plastic tray that fits over your teeth. You can take it out any time you like, and best of all? It’s clear, so it makes your treatment extremely discreet.

the Invisalign process - Boroughbridge Dental Practice - Ripon

A predictable solution

If you decide Invisalign is right for you, and your dentist agrees you’re a suitable candidate, you’ll have images taken of your smile. These are fed into a computer, which plots how each tooth should move over time in order to straighten your overall smile. Then, Invisalign creates the clear trays – called aligners – that you’ll wear throughout your treatment. All you need to do is cycle through them as advised, with most dentists advising you to change to the next set every couple of weeks.

Easy to clean

Invisalign braces do need cleaning, and so will your smile. A simple denture solution – or Invisalign’s cleaning crystals – does the trick. Just soak every few days. You can also rinse your Invisalign braces under warm (not hot!) water whenever you take them out or pop them in. As for storing your Invisalign braces, it’s no problem – use the handy storage case to take them with you wherever you go, and stow them safely when you need to eat.

Easy to eat

Traditional braces can affect your diet, as so many foods can damage or get stuck in the apparatus. But Invisalign braces give you total freedom – just take them out when you want a snack, meal, or piece of gum. Take care not to leave them in, though, as they can easily discolour, crack or break, which could set your treatment back and potentially harm your mouth.

Lasting results

The predictable Invisalign treatment plots every minute change your teeth will go through – so it’s no surprise you’ll see a picture of your anticipated results, too. Once treatment’s over, you might need some final adjustments to get your perfect results, and our dentists usually recommend wearing retainers afterward to maintain that newly straightened smile.

Your next steps after Invisalign

Interested in Invisalign braces? Give our talented dentists a call. Our practice near Ripon is conveniently placed and both warm and welcoming for a smooth treatment experience.