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How Often Should I Get A Dental Check Up?

If you’re wondering about dental check-ups, or think a visit to the dentist might be overdue, you’re in the right place. Today, our team based near Ripon talks through some common questions about routine checks, including why to have them, how often to book in and ways we can help you maintain a healthy smile. […]

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Am I Brushing Correctly?

Caring for your smile should be simple – and our team of professional dentists, based at our welcoming dental practice near Ripon, aims to do just that. From the right types of products to how brushing should be and where we can help you get to grips with oral care and ensure your smile is […]

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What Oral Hygiene Products Complement My Invisalign Treatment?

We all like to look and feel our best. And what better way than through caring for one of the most important aspects of your appearance – your smile. Today, our dentists are helping patients in and around Ripon care for their teeth, with a particular focus on those who are undergoing teeth-straightening treatment with […]

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