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Am I Brushing Correctly?

Caring for your smile should be simple – and our team of professional dentists, based at our welcoming dental practice near Ripon, aims to do just that. From the right types of products to how brushing should be and where we can help you get to grips with oral care and ensure your smile is well looked after.

Today, we’ll talk through different ways to keep on top of your oral health routine and techniques you can try for a brighter smile.

So, how should I brush my teeth?

Lots of people assume that you need to scrub your teeth from side to side with your toothbrush, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Harsh brushing can not only wear away the precious outer layer of enamel that protects your teeth but could cause gums to become sore, inflamed or even damaged. Instead, gentle circular movements are recommended.

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What else should I use on my teeth?

Our professional dentists in Ripon say adults should brush with a toothpaste containing a fluoride content of 1350-1500ppm (parts per million). You can find this information on the packaging. Any fluoride content under this number might not be properly cleaning and protecting your smile – so for instance, don’t share a lower-fluoride toothpaste with your child.

What about mouthwash?

The team at our dental practice recommends using mouthwash with a fluoride content within the same region as your toothpaste. But, it’s important to use it at a different time of day. Even though it does contain protective fluoride, swilling mouthwash after brushing could rinse away your toothpaste.

Should I use tape or interdental brushes?

The kit you use to clean all those tooth crevices is often down to personal preference. For example, someone with fixed braces might use interdental brushes to navigate all those wires and brackets. Someone with gaps in their teeth might find that dental floss is too thin to properly work away bits of food that have got stuck there. If you’re in any doubt about what to use, our professional dentists based near Ripon are on-hand to help.

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Why is swallowing toothpaste bad for you?

It might sound strange, but digesting toothpaste could actually cause problems with your smile, creating spots on the teeth. This is called fluorosis. Don’t forget that drinking water contains small quantities of fluoride, though this is at safe levels to consume.

What else should I know about brushing my teeth?

Our dentists near Ripon recommend brushing and flossing together, for two minutes, two times a day. That covers your basics in oral health care. But you’ll also benefit from looking over your diet and lifestyle – do you eat a lot of sugary foods or smoke? These factors can also affect how healthy and bright our smile appears. Finally, don’t forget the regular check-ups at our dental practice near Ripon. You can book one here.