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Why Is Invisalign So Popular?

Invisalign braces have been used to straighten patients’ smiles for decades – and the brand has a track record of successfully treating millions all around the world. There are so many fantastic reasons to try Invisalign if you’re looking for a more uniform smile, which we’ll cover in today’s post, and some great benefits, too. It’s no wonder this treatment is so popular!

A straighter smile

Invisalign works to gradually reposition each tooth over time, using a series of plastic aligners. Crafted from durable, flexible, and clear acrylic, they fit snugly and comfortably over the teeth and use gentle force to correct the smile. Our patients often find them more comfortable than other brace treatments, such as traditional fixed braces, which use wires, brackets, and elastic ties to position the teeth.

No more gaps and crowding

There are lots of reasons our patients are unhappy with their smiles, and it’s often down to the spacing of the teeth. Some patients complain of a ‘gappy’ smile, while others cite crowded, overlapping teeth as causing problems and affecting the aesthetic of their smile. Both of these concerns can be at the detriment to your oral health, too – leading to problems such as difficulty cleaning the teeth and potential build-up of decay-causing plaque and bacteria.

No more jaw problems

When your teeth are incorrectly aligned, it can generate problems with chewing, biting, and your general ‘bite’ (in other words, how the teeth meet when your mouth is closed). This can go on to cause problems such as TMJ (with pain, headaches, and other symptoms), wear of the teeth and gu

ms, and even difficulty chewing and eating. Correcting the alignment of the teeth can often help to prevent and ‘cure’ these concerns.

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Discreet treatment

Owing to its ‘invisible’ clear design, Invisalign is a discreet treatment option for teens and adults who don’t wish others to know they’re undergoing treatment. With such a good fit over the smile and the opaque acrylic used to manufacture the aligners, it’s likely others won’t notice you’re even wearing braces. This is a huge benefit to patients and a common reason why Invisalign’s popularity endures.

A removable solution

How many people can say they’re able to remove their braces when they need a break? With Invisalign, you can – just pop out the brace, rinse it, and stow it in its handy storage case. It’s no wonder this reason ranks highly for Invisalign’s popularity.

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