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When To Start Brushing Baby Teeth?

When To Start Brushing Baby Teeth?

It’s a concern every parent has: when is the right time to start brushing your baby’s teeth? After all, looking after your child’s baby teeth is another part of their health and well-being that you’ll want to care for right from the start, helping give them a white, bright smile that’s also strong and healthy.

Here at our dental practice near Ripon, our team of expert dentists are on hand to answer your questions about looking after your baby’s mouth, teeth and gums. Our specialists in Boroughbridge will explain when to start brushing those tiny teeth, why it’s so important, and some tips and tricks to get you on your way during your child’s dentist appointment.

So, when should I start brushing baby teeth?

There’s not one answer to this question because it really depends on when the baby teeth start to show (called ‘eruption’). However, as soon as there are signs that teeth are coming through, it’s important to get a routine going and familiarise your baby with brushing their teeth. Lots of help and positive encouragement go a long way!

How should I brush my baby’s teeth?

Toothpaste brands and varieties range from whitening to sensitive, to charcoal-based products and everything in between. But, your baby just needs a basic and effective toothpaste to set them up for good oral health habits. Choose a toothpaste that has at least 1,000ppm fluoride (check the label) and use just a tiny smear on a baby toothbrush. If they only have one or two teeth, a finger brush or mitt might be easier.

How to brush baby teeth - Boroughbridge Dental Practice - Ripon

How long should I spend brushing?

Just like adults, babies and children need to brush for two minutes twice daily. Usually, this will be after the morning and evening meals. We wouldn’t advise using mouthwash with very young babies and children.

What if my child wriggles?

It’s best to sit them on your knee, with their back to you, and hold their head in a tilted position to access all those tiny teeth. Clean in small circles, and don’t forget to remind your baby to spit out the toothpaste at the end.

What if my baby won’t brush their teeth?

Children often learn by example, so show them your own teeth first. In older children, let them have a go themselves (gently guiding them, to prevent chewing the brush or swallowing the toothpaste). You can also make it a fun game – why not sing a song or brush to music or a story?

When does my baby need to see a dentist?

As soon as those tiny teeth start to show. Talk to our experts near Ripon today, and we’ll arrange an appointment for your child as soon as we can.